Floral Bench at Covent Garden London

London Marathon Weekend with sightseeing and shopping!

Last weekend, we had a child free weekend in London. Eddies mum came to stay to look after Luna and the kids, whilst we headed off for the  train from Nottingham to London St Pancras. Eddie and I were so excited as its years since we last had a trip to London.  Of course nothing is ever that […]

Picture of eye make up brushes, nail polish and a lipstick

Beauty purchases from East Midlands Outlet

Happy Easter!  Hope you all had a lovely break and the Easter Bunny visited you!  Thought I would post a mini Beauty haul today. Next weekend we are away for the weekend, well from Friday morning to Sunday evening.  We (just hubbie and me) are off to London as Eddie is doing the London Marathon.  Expect posts about my […]

An image of an apple and tape measure

Weight loss: My journey on Weightwatchers so far

So a couple of months ago, I decided that I was fed up of my weight and lack of weight loss.  Last year I had lost weight with Slimming World, but the problem I find with Slimming World is fitting it in with my family.  Don’t get me wrong, its a great diet that’s easy to […]

Busy Week

So this week has been super busy, lots of things going on at work all with tight deadlines, parents evening for my youngest, physio for my foot (injured my foot last September training for a half marathon and finally decided to try to get it fixed) and I was trying so hard to get 10k steps in […]

The start of my April Bullet Journal set up…..

My daughter, who is very very artistic introduced me to bullet journaling probably this time last year. In fact, she actually made a hand stitched journal as a part of her GCSE Art project, but I didn’t really take it all on board.  At the time I was working two part time, but very demanding Accounting/Finance Manager jobs.  […]