Year 2018 So Far

The year so far……….

  Poorly Me Again I seem to be apologising for lack of posts, this year has been a struggle this year so far.  January and was a horrible month………….as I put in my last post I got the flu on New Year’s Eve, finally perked up when I wrote my last post, but really only […]

Happy new-year 2018

Happy new year 2018 and goals

Well this may seem like a really late post, but I have been laid up with really bad flu since new years eve.  It was my daughters 18th Birthday on New years eve and its almost like my body waited until the end of her birthday, and then to stop working for a couple of […]

New Hobbies - Sewing pieces

New hobby – sewing and singing

  A new hobby?? …………. I have been working long hours and lots of work and no play make for an unhappy Julie.  So I decided to shake things up a little!  This post is about a new hobby or two that I have tried……   New Hobby 1 – Singing I love singing – […]

Wedding Selfie

Sunday……the night before Monday

Sounds very dramatic, but at times Sunday nights feel very depressing.  I love my job but at times it can be challenging.  Right now is one of those times (hence the lack of blog posts).  Its actually been fairly stressful. At the moment, I am picking up a tonne of new work from some one […]