New Forest Open top bus tour

New Forest Part two

Here is part two from our family holiday to the New Forest.

New Forest Open Top Bus Tour

The open top bus tour stopped on our caravan site.  It cost £38 for all of us (and Luna was free). There are 3 loops, Green, Red and Blue; as the ticket covers all routes and you can hop on hop off between routes – so it was definitely money well spent.

We had an amazing time and saw some lovely villages – we didn’t see all of it, but we did each route and got on and off at Lymington Pier, Lyndhurst, and Burley before heading back to our site. The bus also passed through many other beautiful places, that we have said we would like to revisit.  There was a moment of panic in Lyndhurst when we found a lovely dog friendly café. The kids ordered food but we weren’t sure how long it would take for it to arrive and them eat.  Whilst there was a bus after the next one, there would not have been a connecting bus to take us back to our site and would have meant a 10 mile walk!  It all worked out ok though – luckily!

This bus tour was my favourite day of the holiday and I think I will treasure the memories.

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Its hard to choose places to write about, as I found lots of this part of the country beautiful.  Technically this place is (I think) in Dorset, but it’s kind of in between and was another good day out.  Whilst small it was really pretty and we had a lovely walk round the harbour area; round an English heritage site (The Constables House) and a priory.

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Of course a day out wouldn’t be complete without me embarrassing myself/the family.  Despite the photographs making it look like there is a grey sky, it was actually a really warm day again so we stopped for an ice-cream.  A whippy ice-cream no less.  For some reason mine was faulty. Eddie and the kids managed to eat theirs fine, but mine melted and I ended up with it all over my face and hands – dripping on to the floor like a 3 year old.  The best bit came, just before some people walked passed as the kids made me laugh and I managed to spray the ice cream everywhere……oh the shame lol!


Back in the caravan in the evenings, we enjoyed the kids baking each day.  We gave them £10 for their turn at doing the evening meal.  Their mission was to feed the five of us, with two courses and whatever was left out of the £10 they could keep as spending money.

What they thought would be easy soon became a big competition.  At the end of it I think it was a draw from a quality point of view.  We had chicken curry and rice, beef chilli and pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce.  They all came in at around £5 and the biggest bonus for me was not having to cook.

New Forest evening card gamesWe also finally managed to play 3 card/board games we bought at Insomnia gaming festival a few years ago from Games Quest. The games we took were Munchkin, Port Royal and Saboteur.  They were all good games.  Both Port Royal and Saboteur were quick and easy games to play.  Munchkin was a little more involved, but once we all got the hang of it, it was good – you can get a lot of expansion packs so hopefully a game we can play at Christmas too.

Think that’s about it……will hopefully post again this week.  Been doing a few fun things and will hopefully do a quick post on them. Busy times ahead for the next few months as we will be looking at Uni’s for Chloe and colleges for Tom – this may be good as I should have lots to blog about, but fitting it in will be interesting!!! xxx


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