Birthdays, camping in Gloucester and day in Bath

Sorry for being quiet on here – its been a busy few weeks.  I am in the middle of learning some new stuff at work that I am picking up.  This means that I am playing catch up with all of my other work.  Writing a blog post is really difficult when you are so tired! I knew this would be a meaty post all about our camping trip and that it would take me a while to write too. I am also building my running up, but I will write a separate blog post about that.

Last weekend…..

The kids had an inset day so we decided to go camping for the weekend.  Tom decided he didn’t want to come so we left him staying at a friends house.  So there was just the four of us and Luna.

Thursday – Ewans birthday

It was finally Ewan’s 12th Birthday – we have had a countdown on the fridge for what seemed like months!  We were having a relatively low key birthday as we were going camping the next day.  I still did banners and we had ham and cheese croissants with fresh fruit juice and Hot Chocolate whilst he opened his pressies.  Chloe also made a sponge cake for when he got home from school.

Ewan had managed to have his mobile broken at the bus stop a few weeks ago so a phone was on his birthday list. We got one and against all odds managed to get it unlocked and a late night dash up to Meadow hall Sheffield to get a SIM,as I knew it was open until 9pm and it had a 3 shop!

Bets and Cameras

We had a bet with Ewan that he couldn’t give Chocolate and sweets up for 3 months (and that included Easter!). He did it! He wanted to put his winnings towards a pre owned DSLR camera (along with any money he got for his birthday).  We managed to get him a Canon EOS 550D from CEX .  Seems to take some nice pics so I might get him to take some for my blog!

Camping day one!

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On the Friday, we got up and had a breakfast at a local café which was lovely.  We then set off to the campsite in Gloucester.  Luckily the traffic was kind to us and we got there in about 2 hours.

The journey to camping
Luna in the Car on the way to Gloucester

We arrived at the campsite, which was The Riverside Campsite at the George Inn, Cambridge Gloucester and they didn’t have our booking.  We booked via Pitch up which we have used several times for camping trips, and never had a problem.  I am not to sure who the issue was with. The campsite collected the final balance not Pitch up, so really they should have had the booking. It wasn’t a problem, the site manager on duty managed to find us a spot. We had a nice spot at the end of the campsite.



The Riverside Campsite

On the whole it is a lovely camp site, there is a pub next door, the only problem with the pub is that it isn’t dog friendly and a majority of people staying on the campsite had dogs.  We got a table outside and luckily for us it was dry.  The food was reasonable and it was nice to get something without venturing too far. It only had one toilet block that had 4/5 shower/toilet rooms.  They were a decent size and unisex, but it isn’t many for how busy the site is. I think because of the lot of people are in mobile homes/caravans they perhaps had more of their own facilities to use, so we had no probs!

There were lovely walks close by which is a big plus for me!

Not camping experts!

We haven’t camped huge amounts, we had a weekend away at Stratford upon Avon which was nice but extremely cold in the night.  Then last year we went to Dorset for a week – I think it was probably the most wind and rain Dorset has ever seen! so I was dreading the cold night times, but it didn’t happen.  The temperature had gone down but it was just about right for being in a tent – and it was warm at night!

The issue we did have was our bed.  We pumped it up and it had a huge hole in it.  Luckily Eddie found a Go Outdoors not too far away.  I was dreading sleeping on the floor, but managed to get a bargain blow up bed for £10!! Phew!!!

PS – Our Tent is a Vango Nadina 600. It has 3 bedrooms a large living area and a built on awning.  I still love it and think its perfect for us.  If you would like one the same its here  I think it is ideal for a family of 4-5

Saturday – Day in Bath

Bath, Julie, Eddie and Luna
Taken by my not so little photographer

We knew we wouldn’t have time to see everything we wanted to.  But we had to decide on where to go and settled on Bath.  We hadn’t been before and I have wanted to go for ages.

BathIt was lovely, in the centre there were telephone boxes that had floral arrangements all over them.  Then there were some of the shopping streets that had colourful umbrellas hanging above them.  We didn’t do the Roman baths or historical side as the kids were not bothered and we had Luna with us.  But we had a lovely time shopping – a visit to Anthropologie was a must.  And we had some nice drinks in Soho Coffee and Café Nero’s.


Doggy Shopping

We alsLuna at Pugs and Puffins photo bootho went to a lovely shop called Pug & Puffin it was brilliant!  So dog friendly, and so helpful.  Luna loved it – even the photo booth.  The lady who served us gave us lots of advice on food and we bought a box of  *Lily’s Kitchen Breakfast complete dry food, but she also gave us some samples to try her with.



Ewan bought himself a huge meringue from Maison Huge Meringue from BathGeorges Larnicol.  We also treated ourselves to some Krispy Kremes – diet definitely not the best!!

We are definitely going to go back and visit the historical attractions, perhaps if we stay in a cottage or something where we could leave the kids and Luna at home as I know its not their thing anymore.

Saturday night – happy camping

We had a lovely walk on the Friday, and even though Luna and the kids were tired, Eddie and I went on a long walk when we got back from Bath on Saturday too.  Next to the campsite there was a river and you could follow it and take several walks.  It was lovely and peaceful.

We decided that rather than cook we would go to the Chinese and have that back in the tent.  It was a great idea and hardly any washing up.  In the next village along they had a beer festival on with live music on through until about 11pm.  Felt like we were at our own little festival with our cans of cider, just chilling out.

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We got up on Sunday and took all of the tent down. We were planning on visiting Cheltenham on the way home, but the car was so overloaded that we decided to head home.  To be honest we had washing to do for school and work for Monday and also had to do a food shop and as we got back at lunch time it made it less stressful.  I even managed to make a roast dinner when we got home!

Was a lovely couple of nights away camping, and was just what we needed.  Felt like a proper mini holiday even though it was only a couple of days.

Picture of Luna the Jack Chi
Taken with Ewans new camera


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