Trip to Birmingham German Christmas Markets

So finally a new blog post.  Sorry for not posting in a while but work and life generally is fairly crazy at the moment.  I am just starting to take some well earned leave so hopefully I will be able to get blogging again!!!  This post is about our visit to the German Christmas Market.

German Christmas Market

This years work Christmas party was a trip to Birmingham.  We were doing the German Christmas market, shopping, ice skating, a meal and a night in a hotel.  I feel lucky to have had such a lovely trip that was all been planned out for us.

Whilst we have done the markets before, this year was getting mixed reviews on the internet ; they are doing lots of construction work around the centre of Birmingham which affected the craft market and also moved the ice rink.

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It was freezing on Friday so we enjoyed a nice Gluhwein before walking around the market.  We had eaten a large breakfast so were not really hungry so we just had some rum balls and then some of the potato pancakes with plum jam.  Before we bought them, our first thought was that the potato pancakes would be like the ones we had in Poland last year, but they were not quite as nice.  We enjoyed them but they were lacking something.

The German Christmas Market stalls were nice, but fairly pricey. Although the market looked big there were lots of food stalls and lots of repetition.

After the market we just had time to nip into the Bull Ring.  We managed to get some nice pressies in Selfridges, but I can’t do photos of those just in case one of the recipients reads my blog.  Then it was time to meet up with my work colleagues in order to get to the Ice Rink for skating.

Ice Skating

I had skated once at the age of 13 at the old Nottingham Ice Stadium. I really wasn’t keen on the idea so never went again, until a week ago.  In preparation for the Christmas “do”, I went to the Nottingham Arena again.  I was rubbish, I struggled to get onto the ice never mind skate!

After managing to pull myself round using the edges I had to stop to help some school children that were struggling (I know, get the one person who cannot skate to help the scared children lol).

My “job” was looking after them until a friend came over, rescued them and skated them over to their coach/teacher.  At this point I swore that I wouldn’t be skating again.  Then I felt bad as I knew a lot of work had gone into preparing the activities we were doing.

Fast forwIce Skatingard to Friday – I was terrified, I couldn’t even blame it on the rubbish boots or the bumpy ice.   I was terrible.  I think being scared makes me even worse.  At one point I had two work friends pulling me round, but I think they realised I was impossible to teach.  I did 3 very poor laps then came off and had a mulled cider.

The bar was definitely not how it was advertised on the internet. It was really basic and not the Ice Lounge I was expecting, the drink was nice and it was good to be back on terra-firma !!

I have now said I am never skating again; I actually found it harder and more terrifying than childbirth!!


Christmas Meal

We dashed back from the ice rink to our Premier Inn. With roughly half an hour to get back out to do the 20 minute walk to ur restaurant, I managed to shower, ring the kids and curl my hair!

We ate at an Indian restaurant called Pushkar  it looked lovely, but from a food point of view it was a little disappointing.  The portions were small for the price and actually were a little bland.  Service was ok, but they did get a few things wrong particularly with drink orders.

We went for more drinks and then got an Uber back to our hotel.  We stayed in a Premier Inn on Waterloo Street.  As always we had a great nights sleep – I love their beds!

Today is Saturday – we got up and quickly went back around some shops we had missed and got the kids some Berliner Donuts which looked lovely (I forgot to take a pic – oops!)

Overall we had a lovely couple of days.  It was nice to have some grown up child free time, good to get some pressies off the list and really appreciated work paying for such a nice time.

Going to try to get another post up mid week, which I think will be a recipe post.


Bye for now x


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