Halloween Beetroot cupcakes 2
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Another busy week…. cake recipe for halloween

Another crazy busy week.  Work is still mad which resulted in long days, so no running or gym for me again.  I managed to book Thursday and Friday off so I could spend a little bit of the half term holidays with Eddie and the kids. And it was Halloween in my house……


We didn’t do huge amounts.  It was visits to the orthodontist and doctors, but we had a nice lunch out followed by a visit to the cinema.  The film of choice was Thor : Ragnarock.  I loved this film – had all the things I love in a movie. Lots of action and Chris Hemsworth!!

Friday & Halloween Baking

Friday was a brekkie out at Frankie and Benny’s followed by a trip to Meadow hall.  Had a Pumpkin Spice Latte, bought new bra’s in Primark and a top in Fat Face in the sale – all in all a productive day out.  Got back and decided to do some baking.  Tried in earnest to make the cakes healthier. They have got hidden veg in does that count? and were relatively healthy as I used Quark instead of full fat cream cheese for the frosting. Here is a link to the original website that I got the recipe from

Halloween Beetroot Cupcakes

The cakes are actually really nice and moist, would definitely make them again and I do not even normally like chocolate cake that much.  My icing leaves a lot to be desired – I know!!  but they do look just the part for Halloween!!





Park run marshalling again, this time I was on a spot on my own.  It was a spooky Halloween themed park run – absolutely blooming freezing for the first time this autumn as its been so warm so far.  Made a piping hot chilli for tea and laid out lots of snacks along with cobwebs for a spooky themed tea/supper.


Rugby morning and it was our teams turn to help out with kitchen duties.  Mad two hours of handing out teas and coffees and taking money – my brain just wouldn’t work. I think its the clocks going back that did it!  Seems to really mess with my head.  Then it was the usual weekend, make Sunday roast, get washing on and some put away.  Then I visited my mum and dads as its their wedding anniversary on Tuesday.  A Halloween wedding anniversary – think its 47 years this year so definitely one to celebrate.

I have finished my mini crochet pumpkin, but will do a post about that on Tuesday. I also have a pumpkin that needs hollowing and I am hoping to make soup or something similar out of it.

Back to work tomorrow………bit stressed about it to be honest.  I have promised my youngest that we are going to have a serious attempt at being good diet wise for a few weeks ; I have lots on between now and Christmas so going to try my best…..