Luna aged 1

Luna’s 1st Birthday

Quick update post as little Luna our Jack Chi puppy has turned one this week.

We got Luna in February when she was just 8 weeks old. She has changed a lot in that time, but we just can’t imagine our home or life without her now.

Some pics to show how much she has changed

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I can’t believe how tiny she is in some of these photo’s!  The 10 months we have had her have gone so quickly its unbelievable.

Having a puppy isn’t easy. We were lucky as Luna was trained to use a puppy pad, but we still had the odd accident. For us we also had initial issues with being in a 3 storey house. She was too small to go up and downstairs-so glad that bit was fairly short.

Luna is protective but also so loving. She is playful but not rough. Looking forward to long walks and plays for years to come.

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