Finally Time to meet our Jack Chi Puppy Luna

I have been dying to write this post about our new puppy called Luna; this is one the reasons I wanted to start a blog!

A few years ago we used to have rescue dog. Biscuit had been badly treated in her previous two years of life, so came to us from a dog rescue called Babington Rescue.  She became a huge part of our family the 11 years she was with us. She never played like most dogs would and didn’t really like other dogs or people. Nevertheless, we loved her and were all very sad when Biscuit was sent to doggy heaven about 13 years ago.

The kids have repeatedly asked for a new dog, and we have always resisted. Partly because we didn’t want the extra responsibility with 3 kids. Also, we didn’t want to ever go through the heartache of losing another pet.  We made up for it (we thought) by having goldfish and eventually Gerbils – Bob, Brian and Benny. They all went on to their respective pet heavens. It wasn’t until we were at a friends Barbeque last September, when we finally started thinking about getting another Dog.

There was a lovely dachshund that was very cute. Eddie made the big mistake of saying that he would quite like another dog in front of the kids.  So they just wouldn’t let it drop.  I started looking on Gumtree and Preloved pets and another Pet selling website.  Originally, we were not that sure what we wanted; but then I saw a post for a Jack Russell Chihuahua x, which caught my eye.  I contacted a couple of different breeders, and arranged to drive up to Gainsborough to see one.

We all set off not sure what to expect, but fell in love with several of the puppies; we settled on one and agreed to collect her on 10th Feb 2017.

Luna the Jack Chi Puppy at 5 weeks oldSorry for the poor quality pictures, a lot of the pictures were taken on the iPhone etc with no idea that they would end up on here!

Feb 2017 – Settling our puppy into her into her new home

The day arrived – we went up to collect her at night on the Friday.  We knew it was going to be a late night, but totally worth it.

Luna the Jack Chi Puppies journey to her new home
Lunas journey to her new home

The traffic wasn’t brilliant on the way back. The crying sound Luna made wasn’t like amything I had expected or heard before (think she was missing her mummy and brothers and sisters – a lot!)

Luckily for us she soon settled in, and now we couldn’t imagine life without her.  Don’t get me wrong its not been all easy, at times it’s felt like having a 4th child rather than a puppy.  But she has changed our lives for the better and that’s one thing to be extremely thankful for.

Crate Training

Everyone we spoke to advised us to do crate training. Everyone told us she would be house trained quicker, so in the end we gave in and purchased one from Pets at home, very much like this one

I don’t think either of us ever truly wanted to go down the crate training route – it just seemed so harsh (don’t judge, I know it works, just my personal opinion) but we did it until Good Friday (the Friday before Easter) so probably 2 months in total.  The main reason we stopped in the end, was just really down to our house layout.  She was down on the bottom floor as it was the only place with space available and we slept on the top floor, so two floors away.  It meant that no matter what we had to get up at 6am to let her out to the toilet, as we couldn’t tell from where we were whether she needed to go or not.  That meant we disturbed her earlier than she needed to be disturbed too, even if she wasn’t awake before.

We just didn’t really like her being so far away!  We were also crating her during the day, which was fine as I work from home a couple of days a week and my daughter is only at college for 3 days so there was only two days when she was left.  My sister used to call by to let her out at lunchtime and had her out of the crate for an hour or so.  But when she got a new job the crate was no longer an option, as it would have meant poor old Luna wouldn’t have been able to get out and get food or water.  We decided to have her bed and toys in the kitchen along with her food, drink and a puppy pad.  We closed the kitchen door for her safety so she couldn’t get at any dangerous wires or anything.

All seems to be going well, apart from her routine being turned upside down over Easter. She doesn’t quite understand why there are days when there is no one home for a few hours, she is ok but just gets very over excited when we get home.  She will settle back down though, I am sure.

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Here are some of the early pics of little Luna.  She is so cute!!!

Next steps

We haven’t gone down the puppy training route, she seems to listen and we have even had her off the lead at the park and she seems to come back and enjoy playtime.  I am not really bothered about shouting heal – as long as she does what we want her to, I am more than happy….its not like she will be entering Crufts any time soon!

Food wise we have been a bit naughty and given her bits of our food – like roast chicken on Sunday etc, I know I know we shouldn’t do it and I do regret starting that as now she does moan and want our dinner!  But she isn’t overweight and I will make sure she doesn’t have loads of her food if she is having meat that we are eating.

She has really grown now that she is nearly 5 months – we have no idea how big she will be.  Her mum was a Jack Russell and her dad a Chihuahua, any photos of other Jack Chi’s are inconclusive – they can all look so different!

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I cannot really offer advice, I am definitely no expert.  I would say make sure you research the breed and the breeder.  They always say ask to see the puppy with its mum.  We did, and I even added her on Facebook so that I could see video and pics of them developing whilst they were very small.  To transfer ownership over, make sure you get all of the microchip information.  We took out both insurance and a plan.  It covers all her flea, worm treatment, boosters and nails clipped without paying out any extra.

Lastly, I would play it by ear. Do not be too hard on yourself if a particular method doesn’t work for you.  Most of all I would just make sure you give them lots of love.  The excitement when your puppy see’s you and showers you with love, that feeling cannot be beaten. It certainly helps to de-stress even the worst days.

Ewan has struggled for many years with confidence issues (he was bullied at school). I think Luna has changed his life – he dotes on her and she adores him too.  I am hoping that will be therapy enough for the tough years at secondary school he still has to face!


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