Mini Cute Stationery Haul

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Stationery.  In fact that is probably an understatement.  I struggle to restrain myself.

Currently, I am into journaling, in particular my bullet journal see a previous post here

Muji Covent Garden

Whilst in London I popped to Muji and got a few cute items of stationery.  I bought a dot grid notebook for me and Chloe, some colour gel pens and a couple of double ended pastel highlighters and a correction pen.

Stationery from Muji, Pens and a dot notebook
A few bits I purchased in MUJI

These purchases are gorgeous and I am so looking forward to using them. I have used their black gel pens, that were 0.5mm also, and they are great.  They have an even flow to the ink and the perfect sized nib, so hoping that the colour pens are the same.  Here are the gel pens if you want to try them for yourself.

What I love about the notebook, apart from the fact its a dot grid, is the elastic that keeps it closed – a godsend when it is slung in my bag.  The other thing I love is the plastic front cover’s actually got a plastic zip, like a zip lock bag.  So I could either put a photo in here to make a front cover; or most likely I will pop in a couple of my favourite pens so I always have some with me. Or perhaps another couple of little pieces of stationery, some cute paperclips or something like that.

The little white pen is a correction pen – another god send for me!!  I’m in the habit of writing the wrong day on a page, if I am using erasable pens its fine, but for times when I am not this will come in really handy.

Lastly, out of those purchases are the pastel highlighters.  I’m not sure how much you can tell from the pic, basically there is a chiselled end and a bullet-nib.  Again this is a brilliant idea and I cannot wait to use them.  With the highlighters being beautiful pastel shades, I think I may highlight tasks that are important that I haven’t achieved that day (so I know to definitely move them forward onto the next day).

There were so many lovely items, I’m glad that there isn’t a Muji in Nottingham or I would be broke!!

I popped into Kiki K and saw some lovely pieces of stationery that were clear and rose gold.  I didn’t purchase anything in the end, as I have promised Chloe that we will go back together.

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Molang Diary

I gave Chloe her stationery pressie when we got home, and she had a nice surprise for me too.

Mint Green Molang Diary
Such a cute Diary from Chloe – I love it


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I have just started using the Molang and cannot believe how cute it is.  Each page has room for me to be creative if I want to be, but has enough on it already that is looks cute even if I just want to keep it simple.  As the Molang diary contains a monthly spread, and a two page tick list for a master task list, you never have to worry that there will not be enough room. The stuff on the weeklies is purely what I need to do that day.

If I had to compare it to the Filofax, I’d say that I prefer the size of the Molang. It fits nicely in my handbag; whilst I like the flexibility of adding extra pages in the Filofax, this is so much easier. The pressure to make it look pretty was a bit too much at times.  I do think that I will return to a traditional bullet journal at some stage, but for now I am loving this!

The only thing I cannot really do is practice my handwriting and write in goals, so I may use my Muji dot grid notebook for that – not really sure yet really!



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