Post Running photo of me and Chloe

Back to running? Hopefully back to fitness?

Last year

Last year, my running was starting to really come on. I joined Ilkeston Running Club the year before last.  Although I found it hard I was enjoying the social side of running, and the health benefits.  I mean, I definitely would not be the next Sally Gunnell.  But I had brought my 5k down from 38 mins to 28.  I also completed my first official 10k.  All was looking great and so I entered a half marathon corporate challenge with work.

Photo of relay running team
After taking part in the “Hairy Helmet” relay races last year.


As a part of my training, I decided to do a summer fell run. I had previously discovered a love of cross country, and any running that was more off road; Mainly because I knew it is kinder on my joints (I have arthritis in my hips). Disaster struck! Somehow I managed to twist or hurt my ankle. A  deep channel had been left in the path, and I somehow misjudged it.  I had to have a couple of weeks rest and I was starting to panic about getting longer runs in.

I planned a run that would be approximately 6 miles that would end at a local park run. In total I would do 9 miles and then get a lift home.  5 miles in to the run and my foot was really painful. I knew I had to get to the park run for my lift so I carried on running; quite often such pains are niggles and I thought I might run it off.  Once at park run, for some unknown reason I decided that I may as well do it.  I did the whole thing.  I was really proud of myself for doing the long run.  Later I regretted it as my ankle bruised and swelled up.


My colleagues at work suggested that I should get my foot checked out at the hospital.  The X-Ray came back as ok, no break. The hospital thought it was soft tissue damage. The hospital told me it would need 12 weeks to heal – it meant I had to pull out of the half marathon.  I still went along to support, but I had to go in the work pictures without being in my kit and without taking part (sad times).

Its been several months. I had attempted running a few times, but the foot still swelled and hurt so much I could hardly walk.  I finally decided to have physio and for the last month I have been having ultrasound treatment, and I have been doing strengthening stretches.

Back to Running!

Yesterday, the physio gave me the go ahead to try and run!!  So exciting!!

Chloe and I set off. Chloe was up for a run/walk session, but her sports bra wasn’t good enough; it was hurting her to run.  In the end I did 2 miles of run/walking – so not fast but I am just so happy to be off out and without foot pain.

I am not going to lie, my chest felt like it may explode.  If you have ever ran hard you will know what I mean when I say that I could almost taste blood – you just get this weird taste…..

Post Running photo of me and Chloe
Made this post run photo black and white to hide how red my face is!!

Today my good foot (the non injured one) is slightly sore and feels a bit like I have shin splints, but that’s ok – I did a few hills so I am not really surprised.  Work are doing the 1/2 marathon corporate race again, I am not sure if I will manage to train up in time, but going to have a good go!

Strava for 10 May 2017
Copy of my Strava app

Found a couch to Half marathon running plan on the internet, so going to see how it goes – wish me luck!!!

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