Happy new-year 2018

Happy new year 2018 and goals

Well this may seem like a really late post, but I have been laid up with really bad flu since new years eve.  It was my daughters 18th Birthday on New years eve and its almost like my body waited until the end of her birthday, and then to stop working for a couple of weeks.  I was fine until midnight, then went downhill so fast and I had what I think was the worst illness I have ever had.  So for me new year is only just starting!

Julie & Chloe
Me and Chloe then!
Chloe at 18
Chloe in her PJ’s having a breakfast prosecco – this is 18!!

Just because you have to embarrass them a little, here is a picture of Chloe – what a gorgeous baby!!  Not to mention how young I look!  Then a picture from the morning of Chloes birthday – cheeky glass of prosecco with shimmer in from Lakeland.  I am not a huge fan of the fizzy stuff but I have got some from my birthday and Christmas and now Chloe has several bottles, so I may have to buy more shimmer as it makes the taste more bearable!

Goals for the new-year 2018

I was determined to not make resolutions this year, but I am setting myself some goals – I think its good to have goals!!  It helps to focus the mind and boy did I feel like I needed some goals towards the end of last year.

Bullet Journal

I have decided that I may restart my bullet journal – I loved my Molang Diary, but I want something with a bit more freedom for me to be able to track my home and work stuff separately.  At some point, I may switch back. But for now I am going to order myself one of these.  I have been looking at lots of art/doodling pages on pinterest (follow me here) and I also want to do a bit of that and practice my handwriting too.

Weight loss

In November 17 I returned to Slimming World, but to be honest apart from losing 1/2 stone I didn’t feel as though I fitted in to the group. I couldn’t even join the Facebook group as there was some glitch. Over Christmas I had other commitments which meant that I struggled to make it to group. Then of course the Flu struck.  I now do not feel like I want to go back….

I have had a few emails from Weightwatchers, which I was tempted with, but since they have changed their diet slightly it seems more and more like Slimming world.  That said I did enjoy the group more – I found the leaders had some good talks rather than it all being a discussion on who has lost what that week.

I am open to ideas, but think I may just try and go with healthy eating for 80% of the week and 20% when I can relax and have treats.  My brother gets married later this year so I do want to lose quite a bit, but I am not sure what to do yet.  I may so a short post on here each week with an update as if I have to face you it will be like facing a consultant!


Following on from my half marathon that I did in September, I haven’t ran.  Initially I just had no desire to and then just no time.  I have signed up for a 10k in April and also I have joined a new gym.  This year I am determined to make more time for myself and fitness is one of the areas I really want to focus on.  I have printed off a couch to 10k plan and as soon as I feel like the Flu has gone off my chest I am going to be on it!

Work Life balance

I think my main goal for this year is to not let work take over my life.  At least half of last year I spent working additional hours to be able to meet deadlines.  This year I am still worried about meeting my deadlines, but I am going to try to go back to working my normal hours.

Life with 3 kids is busy, there is always something to worry about, whether its homework, exams , college applications, doing D of E and getting kit etc etc no matter how old they get it doesn’t get any easier. Then a busy job on top, plus other hobbies and interests and it all turns into one massive juggling act.  This is where I am also hoping the bullet journal may help, I am going to set myself up a cleaning log for the week and month and also I am going to try to set up a blogging schedule to stick to.

All of these goals will be broken down into smaller goals, but I am going to try to review and update them monthly.  I am not going to beat myself up about them, but equally I want to be able to look back and see what I have achieved this year.

This year will be a time for lots of changes.  Chloe will potentially be going off to University, Tom will be leaving school and going to college so I will only have Ewan left at school.  Work is constantly changing, but I really want to concentrate on my blog too this year.

Good luck with whatever goals you have set for yourself (hopefully you wont have given up on them all already!!)


17 thoughts on “Happy new year 2018 and goals

  1. I feel like we would be really good friends if I lived by you. I have been worrying about my work/home balance when I return to work at the end of the month. I am struggling with finding time for myself especially with the two little ones. I also am reminded that time goes by so fast and I need to enjoy my babies. We had a couple months (November and December) of being quite ill but we are all on the mend now. I am looking forward to this year, getting back to work from my maternity leave and trying to carve out some time for myself. I am glad to see I am not the only one that has these struggles. I really enjoy your blog and keeping up with your family. Keep up the good work and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2018.

    Lots of love from Canada.

    P.S. your hair looks super cute short in that picture 😉

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments, I think we would be good friends too, I also I love seeing the pictures of your family (takes me back to those days with mine). I remember returning to work after having two and you are right sometimes it is a struggle, partly guilt for leaving them but also guilt for enjoying using my brain and adult conversation whilst at work. Balancing it all is so hard, but you are right enjoy them as much as you can as they don’t stay babies for long – still can’t believe Chloe is 18 and probably off to university this year. It was so emotional looking back on all the photos – that’s something I am so glad I did!

      Lots of love to you all from all of us over here in the UK – really hoping we can see you all soon xx

  2. Aawww I know how you feel I have been struck down ill too so my post is super late!! I think it’s so much more realistic to set goals rather than resolutions we are not all perfect and and with goals we can slip up slightly ;). I can’t wait to try and run my first one and hopefully loose a bit of weight.. I am opting to try the KETO diet this year in aid to cut out sugar! x

  3. Aww no I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill, I really hope you’re starting to feel a bit better now! It’s so important to keep a work life balance too otherwise you just run yourself down, good luck with your goals 🙂
    Alice Xx

  4. What great goals. I have always loved the look of bullet journaling but never understood it, I’ve followed you on Pinterest and would love to see about your journaling on there if you get chance because it might help me understand!!! I am awaiting weight loss surgery so not many ideas on there except that I was always told that the 80% 20% rule is the best one to follow as long as you don’t go absolutely the opposite ways on your 20%!!! Hope you achieve your goals xx

  5. I have a journal too which I got for Christmas not sure if there is a particular way to use them but mine has stickers which makes it more fun.

  6. Great goals, good luck for the 10k! Hope your feeling better now too.
    Look forward to seeing your Bullet Journal, i had a practice run last year and just set up my new one for 2018 so i’m hoping i can stick to mine better than before!

    Laura http:www.directlylaura.wordpress.com

  7. I think these goals are pretty much same and most people can relate to this. I need to find some balance between my studies and blog. I so wish for a fat bank account and flat stomach by the end of the year. Hope Santa does not swap it up like the previous years lol!!

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