Macrame Plant Hanger

Hey, hope you are all staying safe and healthy. I thought I would write a blog post that was crafty in some way. Then by a strange coincidence, the lovely people at reached out to me and asked if I would like something to try -for free!! This post is not sponsored nor am I an affiliate, this was a gifted item that I was happy to receive.

They asked what I fancied having a go at so I said I really wanted to try Macrame. It’s a craft I hadn’t tried before. Not only was I getting to make something for my home for free. But also I would be able to learn a new skill at the same time!!! This Macrame plant hanger would be a perfect addition to my home, and was certain to keep me out of trouble in these strange times!

My Crafty Past!!

As you may have seen from various posts I have done in the past I am not new to crafting. My Great Auntie Lila (my Grandma’s sister) used to come over and spend the day with us each Christmas. She taught me to knit and sew from a really really young age. I even loved sewing at Primary school – I made a ragdoll with a cloth cap and apron, a cuddly frog and a patchwork cushion all by hand when I was 8. It was a real contrast as I was quite the “Tom Boy”. Probably not a “PC” phrase nowadays, but I wanted to be a mechanical engineer which wasn’t as common then. Anyway, I taught myself to crochet a few years ago. I am always on the lookout for new things to try.


As you will know if you have seen my previous post, I am all about finding small ways to be sustainable and help our little planet. The Yarn in this project is made from recycled fabric. If not recycled, it would have been thrown away. The thought you can make something beautiful from your home, from something that could have ended up in landfill makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Macrame Plant Hanger

When I received my Yarn it was packed in a lovely little bag – it was so well packed too. I actually couldn’t wait to have a go. First thing I did was to go to the website and look up the instructions and at the same time watched the Youtube tutorial. I was so glad for the video tutorial as it just helps you to understand where to feed the yarn around etc.

For the tutorial for the one in the picture its here

Here are some pics of the process from start to finish of making the Macrame Plant Hanger.

I loved doing this, especially once I had figured out the knot and could move on quicker.

Tips from a novice!

  • Don’t panic too much over the initial length of the yarn. I didn’t have a tape measure long enough. And no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t cut them to the same length. This yarn is stretchy! It didn’t matter as you have loads left to cut off anyway!
  • It says to use a dowel or something to class as the middle at the top. I used a knitting needle but to be honest it was pointless; next time I am hooking it over a clothes hanger. Then you can hang it on a door handle and work there instead.
  • Figuring out the knots – watch the video, it’s far easier to learn from seeing someone actually doing it!
  • Working down the rows….gets difficult when it’s flat on the floor! You are knotting round in a circle – it’s far easier if it’s hanging – see tip 2!!
  • Make sure the rows are level – I didn’t do this when it was flat on the floor. Next time I will as I will work it hanging instead
  • Enjoy it! It’s so relaxing and I am sure there are so many knots and ways of making each project look unique. Certainly, something to sit and learn – this would be brilliant on a wet weekend afternoon

I loved doing this project and I am so grateful to Lovecrafts for giving me this opportunity. I have already spotted more projects that I want to have a go at (starting with a Macrame Market Bag )

Head over to the website to check out all of their blog posts, tutorials and fantastic shop!

Hope you are having a good summer so far! At the time of writing, we’ve been in lockdown for a few months due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic. The restrictions are now gradually being lifted. If like me, you kind of like the new normal. This sort of project is one you can stay safe at home and also learn new skill!!

Stay safe,

Julie xxx