The start of my April Bullet Journal set up…..

My daughter, who is very very artistic introduced me to bullet journaling probably this time last year. In fact, she actually made a hand stitched journal as a part of her GCSE Art project, but I didn’t really take it all on board.  At the time I was working two part time, but very demanding Accounting/Finance Manager jobs.  Balancing work with all of the other home stuff from running a home, and having 3 older children and all of the stuff that comes with children, became harder and harder until I started to worry that I would end up dropping all of the balls I was juggling.  Again she mentioned bullet journaling, but it wasn’t until I watched some YouTube and read up on blogs/pintrest – mainly by the brilliant Boho Berry – that I decided to give it a try. It completely revolutionised how I work.  I was able to keep to do lists for both jobs and also keep future logs (so I knew where I got to with the deadlines) for both of my jobs – I could note all the important dates and also use it to doodle (very badly) in…..  I will get out my old bullet journal and do a review post on it at some stage….

…..I have since moved into a Filofax bullet journal – to be honest there are pro’s and cons with a Filofax over a normal journal – I love the fact I can insert extra pages or rip things out if they just do not work out how I want them to.  But it is big and wouldn’t fit in a large handbag.  I struggle to get paper for it without paying over the odds, so I end up printing off and making my own….cutting it down and hole punching is another faff!!  But I think I do love it.  I would love to try a LEUCHTTURM1917 that so many of the other bullet journallers use.  But for now I am building on my stationery supplies, so its been a case of affordability over everything else.  For those interested, I mainly use friction pens at the moment as you can rub out those little mistakes (like writing Thursday instead of Tuesday which is a common mistake I make!!)

Here is one of my dailies from March – I tend to go more functional, but try to add a bit of colour every now and then – mainly if I get time.

This month I was going to do a fancy spread of all of my April set up, but to be honest as always life has got in the way (and I have been “too tired to”) so for now I have a title page and my goals.  I am doing dailies but have left space for a cleaning log and habit tracker.  I am also intending to practice my handwriting so there will (at some point) be a page for that too.

Anyway for now here is a couple of pages to wet your appetite and hopefully more will follow over the next week or so!


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