Year 2018 So Far

The year so far……….


Poorly Me

Again I seem to be apologising for lack of posts, this year has been a struggle this year so far.  January and was a horrible month………….as I put in my last post I got the flu on New Year’s Eve, finally perked up when I wrote my last post, but really only for a couple of days.  I ended up on antibiotics for a chest infection and if I am totally honest, still do not feel well.  It’s not like I am not poorly like I was but my throat continues to close up and I am still congested and coughing!  I am off to the gym for the first time this year to see if I can sweat the rest of it away!

Poorly Car

Year updateA couple of weeks ago my car (a Ford Focus 2007 plate) which I have had for almost 9 years decided to stop working.  It was making lots of strange noises before Christmas, but stopped making any noise at all on the day I took it to the garage; so the garage couldn’t find anything wrong with it!  It then started again but I decided to leave it until I knew it was consistently bad so that the garage would be able to diagnose the fault.  But on the day it broke down, I drove to work as normal and it was fine.  Finished work as normal, but the car wouldn’t start.  To make matters worse the bonnet wouldn’t pop open either!


The AA came out and jump started it (they had to jack it up and jump start from underneath) and said it was the battery, in order to change the battery I would have to get the bonnet lock removed and replaced.  I was just relieved that they could jump start it as I was parked in the middle of a really busy car park that you definitely wouldn’t get a tow truck in!

I phoned the garage (which is the one I took it to before with noise) and they agreed to fix the lock and battery – I asked them to just do what they needed to as I had already decided the car would have to be changed.  They had it for a couple of days and driving home I thought perhaps I can keep it longer (I did love the car) but then the noise started again!!

New Car

So I went out that afternoon and bought a new one!!  Another Black Ford Focus – its a 1.0 EcoBoost – I never imagined a car that size could have a 1 ltr engine and still be powerful enough to not feel like it needs pushing up a hill.  It is also nice to have heating and air con that works, and obviously, the modern things you get on cars like a DAB radio and Bluetooth to connect your phone. I absolutely love it!!! (even if I am now skint for the next 5 years paying for it!)


Poorly Dishwasher

Another thing that broke down in January was my dishwasher.  We have had it for almost 13 years so it comes as no surprise, and to be honest, the number of times we have done things to keep it going we have done really well to keep it as long as we have.  I am desperate for a new one, but we had the expense of Chloe’s party and my car etc, so it has got to wait.

I am sick of washing up and my hands are so dry, but that’s it.  The annoying thing is that having a dishwasher has really spoiled the kids and they just cannot get used to washing up!!!

I am thinking about doing a few frugal pages to show how we are saving up for the dishwasher (cheap recipes etc) – let me know in the comments if this would interest you at all.


Poorly Hoover

Yes, another casualty of 2018 – my hoover.  It will switch on but not have any suction.  My mum and dad in law have come to the rescue and bought us a new one.  It is on charge as we speak so I haven’t tried it yet, but I will let you know what its like.  It is this one*

So you can see it’s been a bit of a rubbish year so far.  To make matters worse work has been crazy busy too, mainly playing catch up post-Christmas and illness.  I think I did 1.5 times my normal hours last week.  I’m on annual leave this week, but it’s going to be mad busy when I go back next week.  So much for my goals of work-life balance!!!  I am not giving up on it though, going to catch up and then I am going to try and revert to just my hours when I can.

2nd University Visit of the year

Chloe had an interview at Derby University on 22 January and got offered a place the next day!  On Monday we went to Lincoln for another interview. This one sounded like a tough one. She hasn’t heard yet but has decided that she wants to go to Derby (even though originally Lincoln was favourite).

As the Lincoln interview was fairly early, we decided to get an Airbnb; its the first time I have stayed in an Airbnb, I wasn’t disappointed.  It was a great room – plenty of room to sleep three.  The bathroom was not en-suite, but it was clean and had great facilities.  We never once had to wait to use it either.  Next to that was a kitchen, where they supplied not only tea and coffee but bread, butter and jam for toast too.  Here is the link to the room we stayed in.  Its right on the Uni campus so perfect for what we wanted.  I would totally recommend it!

Purchases and lunch

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I am on a budget now that I have all the expenses, here are a few bargains I picked up.  The hat was £1.00, the brushes were 50p, £1.00 and £2.00.  I have wanted to try the brushes for ages so its great to see them that cheap!

We went for lunch to Wagamama’s and Starbucks – both were great as always!

After coffee, it started to snow so we headed off home.

Hopefully, another post will follow on later this week!!




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