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Weight loss: My journey on Weightwatchers so far

So a couple of months ago, I decided that I was fed up of my weight and lack of weight loss.  Last year I had lost weight with Slimming World, but the problem I find with Slimming World is fitting it in with my family.  Don’t get me wrong, its a great diet that’s easy to follow as you don’t have to count lots of foods.  I love to cook, so normal meal times are easy…but….. its so hard to fit this in with family life. If we go out on a day trip and want pre-pack sandwiches, or fish and chips or something, its nearly impossible to fit in with the Slimming World diet. So I would go off plan and before I know it a whole week has passed and I hadn’t got back on plan….

….Enter this year, I decided to give Weight Watchers another go… far so good.  Weightwatchers worked for me many years ago when I got married. But last time I re joined I just toyed with it, I just couldn’t get my head into it.  But this time I seem to totally get it.  I am trying my best to track everything – even if it means using my weeklies.  I do not feel deprived – I have eaten well whilst also making healthy choices.

Even though I am not happy about my weight, I have decided to be honest and accountable on here, so I have decided to share my weight and stats.

Weight loss statistics

So far so good – I joined on 25 Feb 2017 and that first week I weighed 13 stone 10 lbs…….latest weigh in on 08 April 2017 12 Stone 9lbs.  This means a total weight loss of 1 stone 1lbs to date. *UPDATE* this post should have gone live earlier but didn’t, weighed in again on 15 April 2017 and lost 0.5lbs. I am really happy with this, as we had Good Friday bank holiday the day before weigh in, and I ate a fair bit whilst out!!  so current weight is 12 stone 8.5lbs

I am hoping to share some of my daily meal plans and recipes I enjoy on here, in case any one stumbles upon my blog needing a bit of inspiration. Here is a picture of my 1 stone award!

Image that shows my 1 stone weight loss award
Proof that I am not quite so chubby as I was!!!


This weeks Recipe

A recipe that I have really enjoyed this week is Chicken with Pesto Pasta (recipe is credited to the Weight Watchers website).  I normally swap out the cherry tomatoes, add some mushrooms and a spoon of fat free crème fraiche. This makes it a little creamier, but remember to check and recalculate the Smart Points.  I also serve it with a side salad.  Its not quite like the Pollo Pesto Chicken that you get at Pizza Express, but its nice, tasty and filling.

I am not sponsored or affiliated with Weight Watchers, its just my diet of choice at the moment, if you would like to join me sign up here and don’t forget to comment and let me know how you are getting on with your own personal weight loss journey.



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