Picture of eye make up brushes, nail polish and a lipstick

Beauty purchases from East Midlands Outlet

Happy Easter!  Hope you all had a lovely break and the Easter Bunny visited you!  Thought I would post a mini Beauty haul today.

Next weekend we are away for the weekend, well from Friday morning to Sunday evening.  We (just hubbie and me) are off to London as Eddie is doing the London Marathon.  Expect posts about my child free weekend early next week!  Anyway when I am away its my brothers birthday so I popped up to see him with his card and pressie. We arranged to meet at the East Midlands Outlet to have a coffee and a general catch up.

Beauty Purchases from East Midlands Outlet

Whilst there it would be rude not to make a couple of purchases wouldn’t it?  Unfortunately, there was a problem with the electrics that affected a few of the stores; but luckily for me and Chloe the Beauty Outlet shop was unaffected.

Here are the purchases I made – I only popped in for the eye makeup brushes as I am desperate for new ones!

Picture of beauty products, eye make up brushes, nail polish and a lipstick
Small beauty haul!

I have tried the eye make up brushes out – they were a bargain at £2.99 and £3.99.  They are actually not too bad, particularly for applying.  Colour went on well and the smaller brush enabled me to put brush into the corner and crease easily.  They are soft and not “scratchy” and also the bristles are not too long.  Consequently, I would like to go back and see if they have another brush for blending too.

The lipstick is by Outdoor Girl and stays on a reasonable length and has a nice taste.  Seems like it is also fairly moist.  Again a bargain at £1.99!!  I am sure Outdoor Girl is a brand I remember from being a teenager as the name definitely rings bells, but I haven’t seen the name for years.

Close up picture of beauty purchases, a Models Own nail polish and Lipstick
A close up of my beauty bargains

The nail varnish has a nice consistency and stays on well – my daughter has tried this out as I have currently already got gels on my nails.

All in all, really really happy with my purchases – I may have to pop up for another visit soon!!

Visiting F’Coffee

Finally, we also fit in another flying visit to Matlock, to go to a little coffee shop that we ran out of time to visit on Mothers Day.  It is called F’Coffee and is just amazing.  Not only is it dog friendly, which gives it a big thumbs up from us but it also has WIFI.  It simply has a lovely look.  The staff are all really really friendly and whilst not the cheapest place, the cakes and drinks are lovely.  Chloe and Ewan had a freak shake which they said was lovely.  Most of all it was relaxing……pics below

Picture of an Oreo Freak Shake
Chloe and Ewans Oreo Freak Shake

Picture of Julie having a coffee

Picture of Cake
Amazing Cake!

Picture of coffee




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