Small Easel words March 2020 Favourites

March 2020 favourites

Hi all, hope you are well. We are currently in the midst of the madness that is the Covid-19 pandemic. Shops here in Derbyshire, UK are empty and judging by pictures on social media its like it everywhere. I cannot fathom why people are panic buying loo roll but hey!!

Anyway as we are all going to no doubt be self-isolating or at home because events are cancelled and postponed I thought I would do a March 2020 Favourites post. These are all items that you will be able to order from your armchair (if Amazon deliveries are still working!!)

Beauty Favourites

I love this, I have started using it as an everyday “foundation”. It’s not as heavy as a foundation, just gives a nice even light coverage to the face and as I am out walking Luna etc it’s the first winter in years when I have not had patches of dry skin on my face. Unless I am going “out-out” this is my quick go-to face coverage item. As you get older it’s nice not to wear anything too heavy that ultimately ends up in your wrinkles lol. Normally I am a Clinique lover but this has suited my sensitive skin.

I needed a new mascara and normally I would go for Clinique again because I have sensitive everything!! This is lovely – you can wear one layer for an everyday mascara, but also you can layer it for a more dramatic night time look.

I also got a new eyeliner. Normally I’m your classic Kohl type pencil eyeliner. I bought one in Italy and its literally about 3″ tall now! so when I got the mascara I treated myself to a new eyeliner. This is like a hybrid of a liquid liner and a pencil. It’s like a felt tip with a fine tip and it goes on a dream.

I am rubbish with liquid liner but trust me – this is perfect for a novice like me. It stays on well too – which is brilliant as I am always rubbing my eyes!

Thats it for the beauty bit of my March 2020 Favourites, next up is kitchen equipment and house stuff.

House / Kitchen Favourites

I think my kitchen favourites have been the same for several months. These are all things I use at least once a week and would not be without. I would have to replace them if they ever break – not like those things you rush out and buy and they are in the back of a cupboard (yes you Spiraliser!!)

I have mentioned my Instant Pot on loads of posts on here. It is one of the best things I have ever bought. It’s actually cheaper now than when I bought it. You can do all sorts with it.

Some of the features I haven’t and probably won’t try. But for me its how fast you can cook things and also cook things straight from frozen. I am really bad at forgetting to take things out of the freezer, but it doesn’t really matter any more. You can cook chicken breasts from frozen in probably 12-14 minutes!! Although do have to allow for the pot to get to pressure which takes around 12 mins but its still quick.

You do have to learn how to use it to avoid a dreaded burn notice, but there are so many Youtube videos and posts on Pinterest with how to use it and recipes that have been adapted.

This is actually a newer model than mine – I do not think mine is available now. This is a godsend as it makes chips that taste like chips that are healthy and can be good on SW and WW!! We cook roast potatoes in it every Sunday, Sweet Potato chips, normal chips, wedges, cube potatoes. I even do roasted carrots and parsnips. I love it!!

This is like mine, except that mine has a metal mixing bowl. I do keep intending to get an extra bowl and I may actually order a clear one as its quite useful for recipes that you leave mixing and walk away.

This has been a game changer for my baking. Sponge cakes seem lighter and when mixing stuff that requires a lot of whisking etc it makes life so much easier. I even love how it looks on my counter.

Think that’s it for this time. I am not buying huge amounts of stuff right now as I am on a tight budget since I had to get all of my hot water tank and boiler replaced!!

Hope you have enjoyed this March 2020 favourites post. Let me know if you have any of these items and whether you love them too. Also, let me know if there are things that you love right now.

See you on the next one

Julie x

PS exciting things are happening off the blog – I have started making Youtube Videos. Will post more on that on another post! If you want to check it out click here for my channel!

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