Wedding Selfie

Sunday……the night before Monday

Sounds very dramatic, but at times Sunday nights feel very depressing.  I love my job but at times it can be challenging.  Right now is one of those times (hence the lack of blog posts).  Its actually been fairly stressful.

At the moment, I am picking up a tonne of new work from some one who is leaving.  Its not really that its complicated, but external factors have made it more difficult this last couple of weeks.

Sunday night is normally time for sorting out uniforms and making sure their “thumbprint” (school dinner money online payments) is topped up, and make sure there is no outstanding homework, but as they are off for the summer holidays that is over for 6 glorious weeks!!  No more school run or worrying about bullying – my week just got a bit easier.

Coping with Sunday night blues (and general stress)


Enjoying a good TV series/Box Set or 3 – I am currently watching the * American Office  for probably the 20th time.  I love it, its easy to watch -no thinking required!  I am also back into Suits and Game of Thrones.


I am currently training for a half marathon.  Training this last week (and the week before) was hit and miss, but I will probably do a post on that during the week (I have new running shoes!).  The feeling I get once I have finished half killing myself is amazing!!!


Playing on the Xbox – still love Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 4 and also had a go on * Destiny 2 open BETA last weekend.  Nothing like a shoot em up frenzy to distress!


I love to read a good book.  I have Amazon Prime (you can get a 30 day free trial * here )and its finally letting me borrow books on my Ipad as a part of my membership.  Currently I am reading * Love Lies and Lemon Cake by Sue Watson.  Still early on in the book but enjoying it a lot.  Will try and do a proper review when I have finished it.


I am still using my * Molang Diary (previous post here )and still love it.  I sit down on Sunday evening and make sure I put all my meetings appointments and fun things in for the week.  Then I plan Mondays “To do list” and fill in items that can wait onto the other days.  This week I did a list of things I want to make for tea, and then did an Ocado shop.  So no going to Tesco or anywhere and loosing several hours. In theory it also means that the kids can help with tea as they will know what we are having (but not holding my breath on that one!)  Should also mean we will save some money – we desperately want to go on holiday this year and move house next year so I need to start economising – so expect future blog posts on that too!


If all else fails to de-stress I am also partial to crafting, I sew, Knit and crochet, although for some reason that’s more of an Autumn/Winter de-stressing technique – just doesn’t feel right knitting or crocheting in the summer (hot hands and all that!).  I am currently pinning lots of ideas for things to make on Pinterest. You are welcome to take a look at my boards over there!

This Week

This is going to be another mixed week.  Really busy at work and the running plan is starting to get harder…..

The week just gone was full of distractions which made me tired and no have time for running; I had a night out with the girls on Thursday night, and a wedding reception on Friday evening and Saturday.  I managed one run on Tuesday night and that was it.  This week I am going to try to get into the office early, and run before work and before I am too tired.



Wedding Selfie
Quick selfie of me and Eddie at the Wedding


Fingers crossed for a good week x

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