New Hobbies - Sewing pieces

New hobby – sewing and singing


New Hobby - singing group book
The first Music Book

A new hobby??

…………. I have been working long hours and lots of work and no play make for an unhappy Julie.  So I decided to shake things up a little!  This post is about a new hobby or two that I have tried……


New Hobby 1 – Singing

I love singing – we have Singstar at home and have had many a fun evening singing.

A new choir was starting in West Hallam, the village where my sister lives.  It is only for fun – there is no singing on your own to see how good you are.  So far we have sang several songs and some of it has been challenging; partly because its songs I didn’t know and partly because we have done harmonies, canons etc.

Originally, the lady who runs it set out to do it for 3 weeks, but we all voted to continue.  I am not sure I will make every week particularly if the weather gets bad as its 8-9.30pm but I am looking forward to the next few weeks as we will start to do Christmas songs.


New Hobby 2 – Sewing

A friend of mine showed me a tunic she had made and ever since then I have been wanting to try out dressmaking.  I have a sewing machine and have dabbled with craft in the past.  Door stops, bags, Christmas things etc.  Me and my sister have made lots and even sold bits at craft stalls, but I have never tried actually making something I could wear.

My friend let me know about a lady who is based in Stapleford in Nottingham, who had just moved in to new premises. This is her website. She is teaching sewing including dressmaking, cushions etc.  Its a great place as she also opens on a weds evening to help with sewing projects – you pay a small amount and can use all of the machines and get lots of help in understanding patterns.

My dress isn’t finished yet, but I am so pleased with the progress I have made.  I am not sure I could follow a pattern totally on my own, but when I am sewing I concentrate just on doing that – all thoughts of work to do lists and things the kids need goes out of my head, which is just what I need sometimes!

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