Holiday to The New Forest (Part One)

Apologies for not posting in ages.  I was mad busy at work and then with the school holidays there just wasn’t enough time.   I have also been stuggling a bit for inspiration…..anyway this weeks post is about my recent holiday to The New Forest, think I may break it down so its not a […]

Wedding Selfie

Sunday……the night before Monday

Sounds very dramatic, but at times Sunday nights feel very depressing.  I love my job but at times it can be challenging.  Right now is one of those times (hence the lack of blog posts).  Its actually been fairly stressful. At the moment, I am picking up a tonne of new work from some one […]

Julie in Running Kit

Running update – Half Marathon Training Week 5

Not sure if I have mentioned it on here, but I used to run.  I only started in my 40’s….typically, I was the one who has avoided any exercise for most of my life. I deliberately forgot my PE kit at school and things never improved for years.  Then one new year about 3 years […]

Home Baked Donuts

Home baked Donut (doughnut?) treats

So as you probably know from my various posts, I am constantly battling with my weight.  Most of all, the thing I find difficult is depriving myself any treats. So I thought I would scour Pinterest and You Tube for some healthier alternatives that taste the same as the original versions.  Furthermore, I came upon […]

Birthdays, camping in Gloucester and day in Bath

Sorry for being quiet on here – its been a busy few weeks.  I am in the middle of learning some new stuff at work that I am picking up.  This means that I am playing catch up with all of my other work.  Writing a blog post is really difficult when you are so […]

Shipley Park

Happy Sad few days and Fathers Day 2017

Its currently Fathers Day – Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads out there!! Not least my dad and of course Eddie. This week has been an odd one – its been heat-wave weather.  Its actually too hot to do anything other than sit in the car with the air con on full blast.  […]

Weekend purchases without clothing

Weekend – Shopping and food food food!

Early Start to the weekend Last weekend was a busy one.  On Saturday, we had to be up at 6am, to take Tom and his friends off for a Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition to Ilam in Derbyshire. They all headed off with all of their gear, into soggy Derbyshire! Next we popped into Nottingham, […]

Day trip - YSP beautiful landscape

Day trip out to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

During half term last week, I only had the one day off work with the kids.  Wanting to do something with them that didn’t cost the earth; my daughter, who is an art student, suggested the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a good day trip.  She had been for a visit with college and enjoyed it, however, she […]

Healthy Recipe - Bacon and Cabbage Pasta

Super Quick and Healthy Bacon and Cabbage Pasta Recipe

Super quick recipe I have tried to day that I have really really enjoyed, and with the added bonus that its healthy too! Trying to have a better diet week this week – not perfect as that’s not me, but healthy choices where I can making sure I stay within my points (if I can!!).  […]

Make up Photo 1

Beauty Products for the Over 40’s – Part one

So this week I thought I would try some new beauty products.  I am concentrating on a couple of things I have purchased today from a drugstore – Superdrug.  The items were relatively cheap and had a great offer on them. If you haven’t seen it, my previous beauty post is here take a look! Now I have […]