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Running update – Half Marathon Training Week 5

Not sure if I have mentioned it on here, but I used to run.  I only started in my 40’s….typically, I was the one who has avoided any exercise for most of my life. I deliberately forgot my PE kit at school and things never improved for years.  Then one new year about 3 years ago my sister asked if I fancied tagging along to running club.  Both our husbands were members. So we did.  They were extremely patient as I could barely run 5k back then.  I had cycled to work each week – only about 4 miles each way but I think it helped.  I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years before, and if you asked me then on a bad day – when I could barely walk to the end of the road -if I could run, I would have laughed (or painfully grimaced) in your face.

Back then I followed a pain management program and gradually increased my walking, then the gym until I was more or less symptom free.

Becoming a runner and then injured

I always remember someone saying its about 6 weeks for your body to realise you are a “runner”.  And until it made this realisation it would be tough to breathe etc. as the blood wasn’t circulating the oxygen correctly (and lots of other science that I cant remember now)

Anyway, after starting running and finally getting into it, I got bad hips and was prescribed with Arthritis – story of my life really 3 steps forward and 10 back!!  After reading lots of articles though, I decided that the worst that could happen is that it could accelerate needing new hips, but apparently you can run with prosthetic hips so it would all be ok!!!

I went through a course of physio and started running again. This time I lost weight too and actually improved.  I found that I loved cross country, all the mud was brilliant.  Really tough runs, but it improves your fitness so much!  Then I signed up for a 10k.  Then work asked if I wanted to do a corporate challenge – the Robin Hood half marathon.  I was already able to run 7-9 miles so I signed up. I started training and did a Just Giving page and that was that – injured once again.  It was my ankle this time.  It took from the start of Sept 16 until mid June 17  before I could run again (and yet another course of physio)

Couch to half marathon

So now you are up to date.  I am currently on week 5 of a couch to half marathon training plan.  Still finding it extremely difficult and I am no where near where I was before I was injured.  At the moment I just want to be able to complete it – I don’t care about my time!  I am competitive by nature, but I really want to do it as I had people sponsor me last year and I feel like I owe it to them!  I currently get to 2/3 miles and feel like I am about to die!

Tomorrows plan is to run 5 miles. Apart from a 5.3 mile run-stop-run-walk for the runner from our club that died, it will be the furthest I have ran since the beginning of Sept 16 (I am also probably a stone or so heavier which doesn’t make it any easier!)

Wish me luck!!Julie Running a 5k

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