Robin Hood Half - after massage

Half marathon update – I did it!!!!!

  Well the day was finally here.  The Robin Hood Half Marathon 2017.  Since my last post here, training has been up and down – more down than up really.  I managed to get up to 8.5 miles in training, but then in the last month have only ran 2 miles.  I had a pain […]

Wedding Selfie

Sunday……the night before Monday

Sounds very dramatic, but at times Sunday nights feel very depressing.  I love my job but at times it can be challenging.  Right now is one of those times (hence the lack of blog posts).  Its actually been fairly stressful. At the moment, I am picking up a tonne of new work from some one […]

Julie in Running Kit

Running update – Half Marathon Training Week 5

Not sure if I have mentioned it on here, but I used to run.  I only started in my 40’s….typically, I was the one who has avoided any exercise for most of my life. I deliberately forgot my PE kit at school and things never improved for years.  Then one new year about 3 years […]

Post Running photo of me and Chloe

Back to running? Hopefully back to fitness?

Last year Last year, my running was starting to really come on. I joined Ilkeston Running Club the year before last.  Although I found it hard I was enjoying the social side of running, and the health benefits.  I mean, I definitely would not be the next Sally Gunnell.  But I had brought my 5k down from 38 mins […]